Our Students Don't Meet Expectations...They Exceed Them!

Our students' futures have NO LIMITS!

Our approach to educating students produces massively different results. Our students don't just excel on tests, in school or college -- they excel in their careers and life. We arm our students with the analytical, logical, problem solving, social, and collaboration skills needed to succeed in their educational and career pursuits.

Get your free SAT assessment at our Open House on Saturday January 30th 1 pm at our Commonwealth Ave location.

Next Session Starts February 6th


English program

The focus of Session One in English is reading comprehension. Students will develop and improve their reading comprehension skills through their analysis of fiction. Students also learn how to respond to the literature, demonstrating their understanding of the text. Students also learn essential vocabulary and grammar concepts to help build their writing skills.


Singapore Math

Using our Singapore Math curriculum, students work with number sense and operations concepts as the basis for solving problems that arise in real-life situations. Students will focus a great deal on understanding numbers and applying numbers and operations to the solution of problems.


ISEE Boston Latin Prep

Our ISEE preparation courses from ASC’s A+ Program are the first step your child needs in order to maximize their chances of entrance into premier independent schools. Our students typically do well on the exam and 90% test into Boston Latin School. We teach the complete structure of the ISEE exam- verbal and quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematics, and essays- in order to make sure that all of our students are as prepared as possible.

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Starts Feb 6th 2016 and runs for 8 weeks. Other 8 week sessions start Nov. Feb. & April

Boston College prep classes

Public Speaking

The Public Speaking and Presentation Workshop is designed to assist students in developing skills in public speaking and presenting. This course will build CONFIDENCE and will focus on the development of effective communication skills.


SAT Classes

Nearly every college in the United States requires the SAT as part of its admissions process. The SAT is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors. The SAT is composed of several different question types, including: a timed essay, multiple-choice questions, and student-produced responses. Our courses provide specific instruction on test-taking methodology, from the most valuable English and Math skills, to strategies that are specific to the SAT.


Writing Workshop

In the High School Writing Workshop, students will conduct extensive text analysis and present their ideas in polished, sophisticated documents written in various literary styles. During each session, students will be engaged in the writing process by analyzing various aspects of a literary work, as well as brainstorming original ideas about the work, drafting and making the final revisions to a well-crafted document.

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